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Tucker Horizon Low Horn Trail Saddle 271 If you’re tired of being poked in the belly by your saddle horn, but you’re not ready to give up a horn, check out the Tucker Trail Head. The short 2″ horn provides the perfect solution – the security and stability of a horn without the threat of [...]


Tucker Horizon Wanderer Trail Saddle Whether you need more room in the seat, or you just like a flatter seat, the Wanderer is the perfect saddle for you. With its 2″ wider seat pocket and flatter rise, there’s plenty of room to get comfortable. And Tucker is watching out for your horse by putting a [...]


Tucker Meadow Creek Trail Saddle T91 The Meadow Creek from Tucker is the perfect traditional western trail saddle. A classic right when you see it. Have confidence that you are getting a quality saddle that will last a lifetime with proper care. The classic western look is complete with a smooth, cushy open seat and [...]


Tucker Horizon Slick Fork Trail Saddle 283 The Montreal Trooper is the finest field saddle made and will keep you and your horse comfortable mile after mile. Tucker Trail Saddles have long been recognized as number one in quality products for field trial riders. Many of the country’s leading owners, handlers, and judges ride a [...]


Pine Ridge Mule Trail Saddle 289 This model is specifically built for a mule. Because a mule’s conformation and movement are so unique the tree is designed for proper fit and comfort for those long hours on the trail. The tree has flatter bars to eliminate rock on mules with typical flat back conformation. The [...]


Tucker River Plantation Endurance Saddle T46 Riding has never been more comfortable, easy and enjoyable. The River Plantation offers a hornless, smooth and luxurious ride wherever you explore. Highly recommended for gaited horses or trotting breeds. Featuring a narrow twist seat with plenty of room up front and a deep seat pocket that provides a [...]


Tucker Old West Trail Saddle 277 A nod to days gone by, this Old West Trail Saddle by Tucker features the companies latest technology while retaining the traditional western look. Taking advantage of GenII technology, under the hood you’ll find a strong wood tree combined with Tucker’s built-in ground seat with Gel-Cush padding for the [...]


Black Mountain Gaited Saddle 261 Our trail-riding customers love Tucker saddles. They’re top-of-the-line in quality and comfort. We’re excited that Tucker has created two new models specifically for gaited horses. This beautiful trail saddle is built on a gaited fit tree and features a close contact skirt shape for precise cueing. The adjustable position close [...]


Circle Y Cold Springs Trail Saddle 2616 The Cold Springs trail saddle is built specifically with the foundation-style horse in mind. It features a wood fiberglass-reinforced wide tree, providing a wider fit from shoulder to loin, and DURAhide coated for moisture resistance and added strength – extending the life of your saddle tree. Featuring a [...]


Circle Y Ashton High Country Trail Saddle 2617 The Ashton Wide Trail Saddle is a traditional double skirted saddle with a low profile horn making it the ideal saddle for performance or trail riding. Specifications Seat Sizes: 15”, 16”, 17” Hardware: Antique Berry Edge Tooling: Basketweave Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable In-skirt Horn: 3” Neck, 2 1⁄4” Cap Tree: High Country Fiberglass Reinforced [...]